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Are you looking for a performing arts enrichment program for your school or community center? Dance Quest International is pleased to partner with local childcare centers, preschools, and schools (big and small) to provide dance education.

Who We Are

Since 1995, we've been on a QUEST to provide dance education as an enrichment program to schools, and community centers across Florida.  Our mission is to provide excellent dance foundations while encouraging our dancers to develop their personalities, self-confidence, stage presence and improve their social and spiritual growth. Our founder, MaryBeth Maynard has put her mission forth to encourage creativity and help students across Florida learn the fundamentals of dance education.

Is Dance Quest International Right For My School Or Center?

We understand that school directors already have a lot on their plate, which is why we work with you to ensure that our dance program is effective and hassle-free. Our program is designed to fit into your schedule and is tailored to ensure a positive experience for your location, families, and children. We don't require a full-size classroom or any special flooring, just an open space with limited distractions. With Dance Quest International, you can be assured that providing dance classes at your school will be less of a headache and a positive experience for everyone involved.

How It Works


Talk & Discuss

Together we will collaborate to confirm season timeframes, recital participation, special themes, and any special legalities (like insurance affidavits or special contracts), to finalize your center's place in our schedule. We'll work out which day of the week will be best for your facility and answer any questions you may have.


Demo Day

Once confirmed, we'll schedule your Demo Day! A free 45-minute trial/demo day for all interested students at your school/center! We'll provide you with advertisement materials for your school, and open enrollment! On demo day, students will have the opportunity to learn if dance class is right for them and experience how fun dance can be! Students will receive a sticker and a note for their parents to review with information on how to enroll for classes in our online system.


Weekly Classes

We'll open enrollment for parents on our website prior to the demo day. A trained and qualified member of our staff will lead your enrolled students in their weekly class! Students will have the option to perform in our end-of year performance/recital (depending on geographical area). Weekly, students will learn new dance terms, while adding to their motor skills and social skills.



Parents will register and we'll process and handle all communications, payments, and all dance class related questions with your families! Once families enroll their student in their class, they'll be a part of our email and SMS communication. We'll provide frequent updates in regards to their students' growth in class, along with any updates in our schedule.

Why Dance Classes?

The proven impacts of excellent dance curriculla.

Dance Education

Effective dance education has been proven to improve the social, motor, and development skills within multiple youth populations, including children diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism.


  • Self-esteem
  • Personality growth
  • Understand instruction and apply positive correction.
  • Self-awareness and self-management1
  • Social creative expression
  • Interpersonal (teamwork) skills1


  • Music activates the brains reward center (Dopaminergic Mesolimbic System).2
  • Dance movement activates the brains sensory and motor circuits.
  • Strengthens memory improvement and neuronal connections within the brain.2
  • Activates of visual recognition and decision-making processess within the brain.


  • Improves motor skills.
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves balance
  • Improves stamina, muscle tone, strength and posture

Language & Linguistic Skills

  • Learn new weekly dance terms, including French terms like plie or relevé.
  • Develop oral and speech skills with dance terms along with conversations.
  • Learn new character words that help the child understand the dance culture and develop cognitive-language skills.

1ExtendedNotes. "Using Dance to Boost Social-Emotional Skills." ExtendedNotes, n.d. 2Harvard Medical School. "Dancing and the Brain." Harvard Medical School, n.d.

What Other Directors & Leaders Are Saying

"No one likes getting off work, picking your child up from preschool, and then driving across town to take them to an extracurricular activity. That’s why we are absolutely blessed to have Dance Quest come into our preschool to teach our girls to dance. They not only teach dance but Dance Quest International also prays and instills Christian values into the girls. Dance Quest is such an amazing addition to our preschool and highly recommend adding them to your programs for your families to enjoy."

Jackie Sharp

Important Details

Dance Quest is here to accommodate your school performances, holiday performances, and special events should that be a desire.  According to your music and arts program needs, Dance Quest is happy to integrate any dance or specialty performance into your theme, music, or other special request. We are here to support and help your program at your school.

NOTE!  Schools or QUEST Centers are not financially responsible for any dance program. All costs associated are handled by enrolled parents and Dance Quest International.

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