MaryBeth Maynard


Mary Beth, born and raised in Florida, is the founder and director of Dance Quest International along with MAYN Designs & Company. She has been ministering to students, and their families, to understand, and take hold of their God-given artistic abilities, encouraging dancers to have hearts that are Jesus-like, while still learning, and training students to grow in their performance and technical strengths. Mary Beth started in dance classes all because she broke her foot at the age of 2 and the orthopedic surgeon prescribed ballet lessons to help her heal! Mary Beth started teaching students in the Central Florida region in 1995 when she discovered her passion for children. In 2004, Mary Beth joined the staff of Dance Revolution, a nationwide, traveling dance convention on a mission to represent God and help youth dancers find their true identity in Christ. Along with her long-standing tenor with Dance Revolution, she has led instructors to embolden their dancers and has organized classes at over 35 Florida schools. In 2011, the Maynard Family opened their first studio, Dance Quest International, in a small, "humble beginnings" facility, since then, Mary Beth has fervently prayed for Dance Quest's expansion, and in 2014, moved Dance Quest into a triple-sized studio. Since then, Mary Beth, and her team have helped transform nearly 2,400 students from the inside out and have created an atmosphere that encourages excellence, artistry, family, impact, worship, and encouragement. MaryBeth's favorite bible verse is:Romans 8:28 "All that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plan."

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