Amber Spaulding


Amber Spaulding (BA, BS) is from Port St Lucie, FL. Her degrees from The University of Tampa focus on Human Performance and Applied Dance, in an approach to develop an injury prevention methodology for dancers. She has worked with Busch Garden’s Howl O Scream event as a scare character, and currently works as a dance choreographer in the Tampa Bay area. She has studied with dance professionals such as Bill Evans, Mia Michaels, and Mike Minery. As a Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity member, Amber includes their six POINTE system into her daily practices (Personal Health Awareness, Outreach & Service through Dance and Humanities, International Studies and Programs, Networking & Career Exploration, Technique & Professional Training, and Education of the Arts). Her passion for working at Dance Quest International comes from a place of guiding others to find their artistry and share their story. She strives to continue learning and sharing for generations to come. Additionally, Amber is a lover of many things but her top three must haves are Coca Cola, Peanut M&M’s, and Minions. Matthew 28:20 “I am always with you”

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